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After falling in love with paddle boarding towards the end of 2020 we have had many amazing adventures on paddle boards.  At the end of summer 2022 something happened that absolutely blew our minds and we are still pinching ourselves.  Our little adventure family was given the opportunity to become ambassadors for the world leading paddle board company Red Paddle Co.  The first board Marc ever stood on was a Red Ride 10'8 and since that moment he was hooked.

So why is Red so special.  Well not only do they make incredibly good looking boards but also a build quality like no other.  As a family this is key.  Working with Red we looked at our requirements to look at which boards in their amazing range would suit each of us.

  • We needed boards primarily for lakes and river but wanted to ensure it was fit for the sea for holidays etc
  • We needed boards that would allow us to tour on so we could go on day and overnight adventures
  • We needed boards that would be robust enough to be stable with a 6ft 5inch, 15.5 stone dad and 8 year old daughter on it for the times Izzy doesnt take her board out
  • We needed boards that we trusted since we were going to be out on the water with children

That’s quite a list!  

After a discussing options we were really happy to find the boards that ticked all our boxes, for Marc that was a Voyager 12'6, Nicky a 10'6 Ride and Izzy a 9'8 Ride. From the first time we inflated the boards you could just tell it was built really well.  We find our Reds really stable and rigid and easy to paddle.  This build quality is essential for us, especially as we often have Izzy on board with one of us or on her own board out in open water.  Confidence in the board is vital.  The stability also means we are confident in going for longer paddles and adventures.  The range of board sizes also means we could find a board perfect to each of us.  Having choices on board size and style coupled with the build quality, product innovation and customer service is whats driven Red Paddle Co to a position they are market leaders in the paddle board world.  .

We have had so many amazing adventures on the water, paddling on the River Fowey, St Ives harbour and surrounding beaches, The Back in Cambridge, the wiers in Bath and a number of the Lake District waters, our favourite paddling location, just to name a few.

This really is a brand that we love and having the opportunity to collaborate with them has been fantastic. 

For more information, ideas on paddle locations and tips we have picked up along the way check out our paddle boarding section of the blog.

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