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We are Nicky, Marc, Izzy, Alfie the dog and Rosie the cat. We were all born in Lancashire in the north west of England and still live here now. We love it here but also love to explore as much of the world as we can. Before getting together Nicky spent time exploring Europe and Marc travelled around parts of Africa, Australasia and Asia. From the start of our relationship the outdoors has played a huge part in our lives and this hasn't stopped when Izzy come into the world. As a family we have a huge passion for travel, hiking, camping, paddle boarding, rock climbing, skiing, exploring.... basically the great outdoors.

 The outdoors has always been important to us but two things have happened that have strengthened this passion.  First was becoming a family.  From Izzy being a baby we knew we wanted to try to balance this hi tech world she is born into with an appreciation of nature and the world she lives in.  Partly because of our fond memories of the outdoors as children but also because we feel its so important, especially these days.  More recently has been the shift in the world following the start of the Covid pandemic.  Finding ourselves in the house more with work has meant the outdoors has become even more important. 

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