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Getting approached by big names in the outdoor world is always amazing especially when its part of a new campaign they are looking to launch, Made for Adventure.  We have grown up with these brands so having the chance to work with them was just amazing.

We were approached to supply images that Millets and Ordnance Survey could use for the campaign as well as helping to shout about the launch on our profile.  There was no way we were going to say no to working companies we loved as much as these.  Then we found out about the campaign and just had to be involved.

The campaign, Made For Adventure, has a simple aim, to get everyone exploring the outdoors.  We love being outdoors and jump at any opportunity we can get to help share that passion and encourage others.  Whether it be a walk in the local park, a hike in the fells, exploring a historical site or visiting a local landmark its just about getting outdoors and having fun.

millets collaboration 1

Millets kindly kitted us out with some amazing winter clothes and we decided to head out to Scalebar Force in Yorkshire for a walk.  Its a perfect example of how you can get to see some amazing things with having to spend hours trekking.  We decided to hike from Settle on a route that went through the field with beautiful views of the dales.  There is though a small area to park right next to the upper path of the falls.  From here its just a short walk down the path to the bottom of the falls.  We spent a few hours walking in total but loved every second of it.  

One of the positive things from the Covid Pandemic has been thats its really encouraged us, and forced us, to explore more locally again.  We realised thats there are so many places on our door step that we have never been to that are just stunning.  To us thats what the Made For Adventure campaign is all about.  We have always loved where we live but we are more in love with it now than we ever have been!

Millets have launched an amazing resource on the website to help give you ideas and inspiration for your next adventure and its a growing resource.  As well as tips and guides there are plenty of Ordnance Survey approved routes to follow.  Click here to check it out.

Below are a few more shots from our walk from Settle to Scalebar Force.  Only question now is where will your next adventure take you!

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