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In early 2021 we, the Huntington family (often referred to as the Tings)  decided to share our passion for family outdoor adventures, exploring and visiting new places and A Tings Life was born.

Putting our skills as professional photographers to good use and coupling it with our love of visual story telling A Tings Life started out as a simple Instagram profile but quickly began to attract attention from companies looking to collaborate.

We now work with a range of brands that share similar passions and values (click here for some examples) whilst still documenting our personal adventures and sharing our tips and recommendations to help like minded families get the most out of their time in the outdoors.


About Us

The Huntington Family

We are Nicky, Marc, Izzy, Alfie the dog and Rosie the cat.

All of us were born in Lancashire in the north west of England and still live here now.  As much as we love it here we also love to explore as much of the world as we can.

Before getting together Nicky spent time exploring Europe and Marc travelled around parts of Africa, Australasia and Asia.  From the start of our relationship the outdoors has played a huge part in our lives and this hasn't stopped when Izzy come into the world.  As a family we have a huge passion for travel, hiking, camping, paddle boarding, rock climbing, skiing, exploring.... basically the great outdoors. 

If we can inspire people to get out and explore, whether this be local walks or parks, or further afield that would be amazing. Hopefully the blogs help with ideas as well as recommendations and information. We are always updating the content so if there is anything you would like to know about please get in touch and we will do what we can.

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