Paddle Boarding At Fell Foot, Windermere
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Paddle Boarding At Fell Foot, Windermere

 Paddle boarding at Fell Foot, Windermere is amazing!  It was the first place we ever paddle boarded in the Lake District and we have been back many times since.

Fell Foot Park is a National Trust site just outside of Newby Bridge at the south end of Windermere.  If you are travelling from the south of the lakes its probably the closes SUP spot you can get to in the Lakes District.  Facilities wise it’s amazing!  You do have to pay to park but it’s really worth it!  On site there are toilets, cafes, a play area and large open grassy areas perfect for a picnic. There is even SUP hire here!  It’s a perfect place to go on a sunny day and make a day of it.

For more information check out the National Trust website by clicking here.

From the car park it’s not far to the lake edge but it is a little downhill (and we mean a little!).  

Access to the lake is really simple and often in the summer it’s a case of walking out into Windermere until you are ready to hop on.  The bottom drops away really gradually so it’s great for kids (just make sure you are deep enough so if you fall in you are safe).  This part of Windermere is also where the water flows out and becomes the River Leven so you have the benefit of a lake and a river paddle option.  One word of warning, on the odd occasion the lake level can rise.  The higher the lake level the fast the River Leven runs.  We have been there when the bottom path of the park was underwater and the kayakers were having difficulty paddling upstream, never mind paddle boarders.  The lake was still fine though, we just kept a safe distance from the mouth of the river.

Just north of Fell Foot and on the other side is Lakeside where the Windermere Cruises go from.  This means you often get to see the famous steamers like the MV Swan and MW Teal.  As long as you don’t paddle north of Lakeside you will never be in their way!  If you do just keep an eye out, they are hard to miss!


The other option is to head down the River Leven a bit.  It’s a pretty stretch of river lined by reed and trees with low fells like Summer House Knott and Gummers How giving a lovely backdrop.  If you time it just right (or check the timetable!) you can even get a chance of seeing the steam and diesel trains that operate on the beautiful Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway.  Not far down the Leven the track is almost lakeside so a great spot for a SUP photo with a steam train!

Paddle boarding River Leven

So Fell Foot

  • Great spot for paddle boarding 
  • Amazing views
  • A chance to paddle on the lake and the River Leven
  • Amazing facilities 
  • Easy to make a day of it with a picnic etc
  • Easy access to the lake
Chance of a SUP selfie with a steam train

Just watch for
  • High water levels and the Leven running fast
  • Blue green algae at time in the summer (National Trust Fell Foot Facebook page usually posts if this becomes and issue)
  • It can get busy, especially in summer!

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