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After falling in love with paddle boarding towards the end of 2020 it wasn’t long before we started shopping around.  We very quickly fell in love with Bluefin paddleboards, they just looked amazing.  We know looks aren't everything though so we started learning about the important aspects of selecting a paddle board.  From that we quickly realised we have some key considerations that we needed to factor in..  

  • We needed a board primarily for lakes and river but wanted to ensure it was fit for the sea for holidays etc
  • We needed a board that would allow us to tour on it so we could go on day adventures
  • We needed a board that would be robust enough to be stable with a 6ft 5inch, 15.5 stone dad and 7 year old daughter on it
  • We needed a board that we trusted since we were going to be out on the water with children
  • We didn’t want to re mortgage to get it!

That’s quite a list!  

After a bit of research we were really happy to find that the Bluefins ticked all our boxes!  As a result we decided to purchase a Bluefin Cruise 12.  This was our first dealing with Bluefin.  We had heard great things about their customer service and we were not disappointed.

From that point the relationship grew and before long we were posting images from our paddles and the response to them was fantastic.  To this day some of our paddle boarding images are still the most popular on our Instagram page.  We have had equal success on paddle boarding related Facebook pages.

We were still limited though with only having one board.  In the summer of 2021 the relationship with Bluefin had grown and through the value they could see in our images and social media presence they very kindly gifted us a Cruise 10.8.  We could now go out as a family and enjoy the water!  

Since then we have had such an amazing first summer on the water, paddling on the River Fowey, St Ives harbour and surrounding beaches and a number of the Lake District waters, our favourite paddling location.

This really is a brand that we love and having the opportunity to collaborate with them has been fantastic. 

For more information, ideas on paddle locations and tips we have picked up along the way check out our paddle boarding section of the blog.

For more information on Bluefin paddle boards check out their website.

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